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Road trip to meet and present Ms May Cooper Page the Letter from the 30th Arty Regt
   by Ron Cury

      2013 reunion and business meeting in Ft Collins Colo. John Dynes announced that Ms May Page had been considered for honorary life membership in the 30th Arty Regimental Association and asked the membership if it was ok and the members in attendance said ok. A bit about May, she is the mother of Mickey Cooper a life member whom has passed about 3 yrs ago and I think he was with the 30th in 67 and 68. Anyway since his passing May had kept in touch with John Dynes about the 30th. May stood by her son through his PTSD and the various conditions caused by agent orange. Mays first husband was a WW2 veteran and was stationed at Ft. Sill for awhile. I got to know Mickey and May by phone during his illnesses and with frequent phone conversations. I knew that through these phone calls, that I would someday go to Wickenburg Az to meet this red white and blue Mom, a very patriotic and loyal person. John Dynes was going to mail the certificate to her but at the meeting I told John to mail it to me and I would deliver it in person.
     I left my house Tuesday 6-18-13 about noon and arrived in Wickenburg Az at about 1700 on Wednesday. Went to my motel and after sleeping about 13 hrs I was ready to face the day and start planning this event for this lady. I called May ,got directions went to her apt visited awhile. Then she drove us to her friend's house for a visit. While there she gave me some of Mickey s things that she wanted me to have and while there I let Jack and Sandy in on what my plans were and they said they would be glad to help me pull this off, they were such a great help. while Jack and Sandy were getting some of her friends together and making arrangements at a diner I went and got her a dozen red roses(which she told me later that Mickey would get her for special occasions) I was also able to locate a red white and blue banner and garland. I had also stopped in at the local newspaper to see if they would cover this event for May and the reporter named Kevin knew her and that he would cover it.
      At about 1500 hrs I was at the Country Kitchen restaurant making arrangements with our waitress to bring out the garland and roses after May was seated in the chair with the red white and blue banner on the chairback. Timing was perfect and she was very happy, so we ordered pie and drinks waiting for the reporter to get there, maybe 30 min or so, Kevin arrived asking questions for the story, then I stood up read the framed certificate and presented it to May, she was thrilled to the point of tears, happy tears, pictures were taken, congrats in order and more visiting. Oh I almost forgot the presentation of an Official 30th Arty cap with 3 pins on ,the combat arty badge our unit crest and the 2013 reunion pin. Ms May Page was so proud and happy that she wore the cap to church that Sunday took her certificate and shared her experience with the whole church. I left Wickenburg with a very proud heart felt honored Mom, and yes I will go back to Wickenburg. Some have asked wasn t that an awful lot of trouble? My reply is, it was worth all the miles for all the smiles and yes I would do it again. May is handicapped and gets around pretty good with the aid a walker and 2 canes and a scooter, still drives her car locally.
     May did tell me that health and the lord willing with the help of Sandy and Jack her adopted kids that she would be at Ft. Sill next year, hooray for her.
                                                                                    HARDCHARGER SIR
                                                                                           Ron Curry
                                                                                         July 16, 2013

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